Please read the manual before starting up

Let’s face it. Technology and life are now inseparable.

As a kid of the 80’s I’ve grown up alongside the huge explosion in electronic wizardry. I played on the family Commodore 64 from pre-school age (anyone else remember the Fun School series?) so was introduced to the command-controlled interface. Floppy disks the size of books and the laborious task of remembering to rewind the tapes for the next time you wanted to play Booty.

Then, suddenly, there was a Sega Mega Drive in the house and I was getting nightmares from the Sonic the Hedgehog game over music (I was about six or seven, okay? The huge free poster of Sonic they gave away stared down at me as I tried to sleep). I went from 8-bit pirates to Streets of Rage and some game with a helicopter in that I couldn’t steer properly for the life of me.

A Gameboy Colour was the first time I could take a game on the go with me. Kirby’s DreamLand and the inevitable Super Mario Bros followed me on car journeys, to dance class and were often snuck under the bed covers well past bed-time until the batteries (no rechargable in those days) ran out. It was replaced by a GBASP and then by a DS Lite.

At the same time, a personal computer appeared in the spare bedroom and was immediately bombarded with Command and Conquer and its many expansion packs and sequels. Over time it was succeeded by smaller boxes with bigger storage and memory, and the RTSs were overtaken by the FPSs. Unreal Tournament 99 and eventually Battlefield Vietnam won me over. Although I still hadn’t mastered flying a helicopter.

Slowly the consoles started to trickle in- a secondhand PSOne that gave way to a secondhand PS2. And for the life of me I can’t remember where I got my Gamecube from.  But by the time I started university, the small purple box was replaced by the white pillar of Wii-ness, and eventually my PS2 was slightly abandoned in favour of an XBox360. A brief foray with a PSP was uneventful, but I did enjoy beating my housemate on Wipeout Pure/Pulse

That brings us to the present day. Not only do I play games, I study them and design them and occasionally review them. Though I never want to play The Darkness again thanks to my Final Year Project. As a future somewhere in the game industry (hopefully) beckons, I decided it was time to bring back my chronicle of views, reviews and the occasional argument about games and their world.

Let the reverse engineering and in-depth probing begin!


Oh, and I *still* can’t fly an in-game helicopter to save my life.


~ by Tegan on March 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Please read the manual before starting up”

  1. would that helicopter game be “Desert Strike”, by any chance?

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