NPCs. Can’t play with them, can’t wear Power Armour without them

If you’ve seen my Raptr games profile recently, then you’ll notice I’ve clocked up quite a few hours on Fallout 3. Almost all of those have been within the past 2 weeks.

In a game with over 100 locations, a multitude of missions and enough story arcs to make Ira Steven Behr’s mind boggle, Fallout 3 does indeed have an endless supply of NPCs. A couple of days ago, I somewhat unexpectedly managed to have one in particular offer to join me in my quest across the Capital Wasteland. A Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel, no less- with an accurate laser rifle and one hell of a sledgehammer. ‘Fantastic’, I thought. ‘That’ll help me with the hordes of Super Mutant Brutes in the West!’

And she did. Except with even a fleeting glimpse of an enemy, she was off and pursuing them- whether I wanted her to or not.

(Let me point out here, I’m quite a tactical gamer. If I can get in a sneaky surprise attack or Sneak Critical Hit, I’ll do it. THEN I’ll charge in guns blazing. Or take up a strategic position where I can duck down to let my AP refill before using the VATS system again)

The Paladin charged ahead and started taking out everything that wasn’t me. Which invariably meant that she was directly in my line of fire a lot of the time. This wasn’t a complete disaster- until I picked up a Pulse Rifle and she decided to stand in front of it.

I was reduced to yelling at the screen. “GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU STUPID *insert expletive here*!”

I managed to lose her today. Not exactly sure where either… I told her to stay put while I did a bit of recon, and I sort of…forgot to go back for her.

Ah well, she’ll turn up in The Citadel eventually.


Speaking of The Citadel, another Fallout 3 NPC annoyance. Elder Lyons. In order to use Power Armour (including the most awesome armour in the game, the brilliant Tesla Armour), you need to speak to Elder Lyons about training. Every NPC I spoke to told me he ‘is usually around the Lab’.

So for almost an hour I scoured every nook and cranny of the Lab. No Elder Lyons. I scoured the whole of the Citadel- his quarters, the mess hall, the archives. No Elder Lyons. Just when I was ready to go back to the Dashboard and sulk, I wandered back into the lab and heard a venerable voice giving orders.

Damn it all, if he hadn’t just decided to turn up in the middle of the lab.

Let’s not even start on Moira Brown in Craterside Supply…


~ by Tegan on March 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “NPCs. Can’t play with them, can’t wear Power Armour without them”

  1. It’s an awesome game but it can be infuriating at times, I had the same experience with the paladin, think I might have killed her by accident :s the good super mutant made a good companion but should have been able to help at the end instead of making you do it…
    Dogmeat is just a liability aswell…

  2. Just wait until you get Fawkes, he’s a much tougher companion. Accidentally shoot him in the back with anything that isn’t two Mini Nukes, and he’ll be fine.

    Of course, he doesn’t really suit a Sneak-based fighting style, unless you favour sniper rifles. He will attack and take out almost anything aggressive in his average line of sight without your help. It’s like travelling with Schwarzenegger.

    His weapon: the Gatling Laser. I kid you not.

    Star Paladin Cross just doesn’t compare.

    PS: Hello from The Escapist. I think I might keep watching this blog, your commentary is well-written.

    • I found Fawkes, and he was fantastic. It was goodl that he tended to overpower my lead and beat up anything nearby, as I was running low on Stinpaks at that point. I was on XBL to a friend when he joined me, and it was very difficult not to spoiler my friend with who my new companion was.
      And oh how I LOVE that Gatling Laser! Cross eventually died, but I made a tidy sum off her weaponry- so I guess she wasn’t so useless in the end.

      PS: Well thank you! I’d be glad to hear your comments on future blog posts.

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