24 hours with 493 old and new friends

A week ago I went out and bought a copy of Pokémon SoulSilver.

And I’m still not entirely sure why…

That’s not a complaint; far from it. I’ve had the game a week and have a current play time of 24:19. I’m only in Olivine, so there is definitely something playable about it. What I still find odd is that I haven’t played a Pokémon game since Red and Blue; I was aware of quite a few of the Pokémon beyond the original 150 (or 151 if you want to be picky and add Mew to the list), but I still keep having moments of ‘Wild **** attacked!’ – “..what the hell is that?!”

There’s now natures and friendships and stat strengths involved, with certain Pokémon only evolving during a certain time of day if their friendship level with you is high enough (Espeon/Umbreon, I’m looking at you). There are also Berries and Apricorns and a huge array of Seals and Accessories. And Poké Balls? My god, the Poké Balls! Last time I played there were only 4 types; Pokéball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball. And the Safari Ball if you ventured to the Safari Zone.
There are now another 20 types on top of the originals, and they’re all best used in certain circumstances; for a Heavy Pokémon use a Heavy Ball, for catching a Pokémon while fishing use a Net Ball…

But I still keep going back to my DS Lite and powering up. “Just another couple of levels on my Abra so I can go beat so-and-so…”. “Ten minutes, just so I can get back to Goldenrod for Buena’s Password…”. “Let’s see if my Eevee and Ditto have any more eggs for me…”

I may not understand a lot of the new stuff (and I think the PokéWalker is a fantastic gimmick) but I have to admit- there is some nostalgia for the original games that keeps me hooked on the newest generation.

I still hate the fact that Rattatas and Pidgeys will always attack you when you’re desperately trying to get back to a Pokémon Centre to heal your team. Ah, memories…


~ by Tegan on April 14, 2010.

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