There’s crossovers, then there’s *crossovers*…

Late night channel surfing a few weeks ago alerted me to the fact that the Sci-Fi Channel had upped and switched it’s name to SyFy. While I still haven’t really found out why, it struck me as something that we shouldn’t be surprised to see from a channel that hosts things like Lexx, Farscape and of course the new remake of V.

However, one article I read recently made me stop and think “Y’know…maybe these guys are a little overstocked in the ambition department at the moment.”

A TV show that crosses over with an MMO. Certainly unique, and unique is both rare and usually good these days. MMOs are still increasing in popularity, as are science-fiction TV shows. So, a match made in heaven? Maybe, but maybe not. TVs and MMOs both have their potential stumbling points. While I think SyFy have done well in having a ‘TV specialism’ team and a ‘Games specialism’ team working together, there is always the lingering doubt that the TV show might not take off. One of the two elements will have to lead- and presumably this will be the TV show, setting the scene and storyline for the game. But if the TV just doesn’t have that special something to grab the public, it’s bound to have some impact on the amount of people who will turn from their televisions to their monitors to progress the action.

On the flip side, what if the best efforts of Trion fall down and the game just doesn’t cut it? A compelling TV show that boasts a direct interaction with the viewing public will have to make sure that the game follows through on being equally compelling. And, as is touched on in the article, exactly how much scope will there be in-game? Psychology tells us that there are a myriad of ways that different people will approach the same problem or task; if there is more than one possible solution to a scenario in the game, how will one be chosen to be followed through on the TV series? For example, Mister X has been sneaking around in the restricted files and is now a liability. He needs to be shown what he did is wrong, and persuaded not to share his new-found knowledge. A fairly likely situation- but one that leaves me debating between using my charisma and psychological skills into talking Mister X round, and simply putting an 8mm round through his skull. Or what about sneaking up behind him and driving a letteropener between his shoulder blades? Or use brute force and ‘persuade’ him to forget.

But the article picks up on my biggest fear for this project- that it will end up with gamers trying everything and anything possible to get their thirty seconds of fame by having their solution/name/idea broadcast.

One thing SyFy has in their favour is that this is completely new. No matter how it fairs, it will attract attention. I’ll be keeping my eye on this project very closely…


~ by Tegan on May 5, 2010.

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