Promising progress/Gaming update

So while this blog has been quiet since my Alan Wake review, I have been anything but quiet on the game commentary front. I’ve already been thinking ahead to post-university plans and the possible routes I can take my MEng in Games Design. While most of my skills need a lot of work before they’re good enough for the industry, my backup plans of going into teaching or games journalism are getting more positive backing.

To the point that I did a search for games journalism posts and came across a list of sites looking for new staff members. I applied to two- giving a link to my post about SyFy’s planned tv show/game crossover by Trion as my sample piece- and was amazed when I was offered positions as a staff writer on both. To date I have written two articles for RoboAwesome and have one (hopefully) pending for That Gaming Site, and was brought in last-minute (for last-minute read 5 minutes before recording) on the latest RoboAwesome podcast.

Fun fact- the Alan Wake review posted on this blog was the second I had written that day. Shortly before I posted that blog entry, I had sent a different version of the review for approval by the RoboAwesome staff. It was subsequently approved and posted to the site.

Between getting two games journalism posts and a new 9-5(ish) job, my game time has taken a serious hit. Thankfully the Bank Holiday weekend gave me a chance to re-acquiant myself with a type of game that people are surprised I like.

I’ve finally started Saints Row 2.

Sex, drugs and gangland violence are not the things you really expect a mild-mannered British girl to enjoy, but I find myself drawn into these types of games. GTA IV and Saints Row 2 have both been in my 360 recently, though I much prefer SR2 over the rather clunky feel that GTA IV seems to have for me at the moment.

I’m not going to get into the whole ‘what girls should like playing’ debate right now; but let me state for the record that I have always been a fan of fast racing games (Burnout series especially), ‘gang’ games (GTA series) and fighting games (to the point where I used to have almost all the WWF games for my PS2). J-RPGs and pretty things like that, definitely not my taste.

Saints Row 2 has already taken me pleasantly by surprise. From the barbershop quartet outside one of the car dealerships to the fact that Aha’s awesome Take On Me is on the Generation X radio station, I keep finding new things about this game that make me say ‘Okay, now this is brilliant’.

The Saints aside, my unplayed games are slowly stacking up. Alan Wake was finished within a week, just in time for me to pick up a pre-order of Split/Second: Velocity (which unfortunately suffered a 360-related accident and needs to be replaced). And just this evening I placed my pre-order for Naughty Bear, which I am really looking forward to.

I mean c’mon, who doesn’t want to push smug teddy bears into giant cake mixers?


~ by Tegan on June 1, 2010.

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