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I have always wanted to go to E3. Unfortunately I joined the RoboAwesome team too late to be able to sort out going this year, but I am hopeful about being able to make it next year (final year of my degree permitting, of course). E3 is where we gamers hear about not just the new games and tech coming to us soon, but also for projects in the future. Remember the initial Alan Wake announcement back in 2005?

So I was surprised and a bit saddened to hear that Valve had cancelled their Portal 2 announcement at this year’s E3.

But that soon disappeared when I was told exactly how they cancelled it. Below is the message that was sent out:

Dear Subject Name Here,

Aperture Science is pleased to inform you that we have partnered with Valve to announce the gala CANCELLATION of the June 14 Portal 2 event at the Regal Theater. The event will be replaced by a surprise. And even though the cancellation of the event certainly counts as a surprise, we are pleased to further announce that the cancellation of the event is not THE surprise. However, per International treaties regarding the definition of the word “surprise”, of which both Aperture Science and Valve are signatories, the time, date and content of the actual surprise will only become available as you experience the surprise.

If you’d like to ask fruitless questions about the E3 Portal 2 surprise or, more fruitfully, schedule an appointment to attend a Portal 2 screening at the Valve booth during E3, please contact Valve’s Special Envoy to Surprises, Doug Lombardi.

Thank you for

PS: The surprising record scratch is also not the surprise.

And when it comes from GLaDOS, you know you can believe it.

Psychopathic Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System aside, there are a number of things I’m looking forward to from this year’s E3. Not least a more in-depth look at Sony Move and Project Natal (which, rumour has it, will actually be given it’s proper title at the expo). $145 for Natal seems pretty steep at the moment, but hopefully Microsoft will be able to show it off with enough pizazz to make the high price tag seem a bit more bearable.

The new incarnation of the PSP is also rumoured to be making some sort of appearance/announcement this year- my short affair with a PSP was less than enthralling (Wipeout series aside), but who knows where Sony may be taking their handheld aspirations. They certainly need to have something good to stand alongside the badly kept secret that is Nintendo’s 3DS.

On the software side of things, Ubisoft are said to be giving more details about Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. There are some people who have fingers crossed against any last-minute game announcements being pulled (á la E3 2008- Bungie still haven’t given us any more on that), but it looks like EA are attempting to dominate the sports game genre with their list of 6 EA Sports titles to be shown at this year’s show. They’re also rolling up with Crysis 2, the new Harry Potter game and Star Wars: The Old Republic, so there should be something to suit most people’s tastes.

But considering the success of Red Dead Redemption, I was surprised to hear that Rockstar have opted to skip E3 this year.


~ by Tegan on June 3, 2010.

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