ye olde days of Bioware

Before Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins, Bioware made a couple of little games called Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

I was always more of a NWN player, but I happily bought the 4-disc set of BG/BGII and the expansions when it was released. Medieval and high-adventure fantasy had me sold from the first time I borrowed it from a friend in secondary school.

Years later, I stumbled across a casting call on the Voice Acting Alliance for a Baldur’s Gate 2 mod. The interesting thing was, I recognised the character named in the subject. Tyris Flare, where had I heard that before? A quick Google search told me it was the 1989 Mega Drive classic Golden Axe; a game I still have in a box along with my Mega Drive, and played quite a lot back in the day.

I auditioned and got the part; and THEN read the dialogue.

No spoilers, but I got to have a lot of fun. Especially with the flirt lines.

Last week I got an email from the director telling me he’d finally started to tackle the Throne of Bhaal expansion content, and would I be interested in reprising my role?
Hell yes!

While I was re-associating myself with the mod forums, I realised just how active mod communities are for some games. BG2 is almost 10 years old, and there are a string of brilliantly-written mods out there to give new storylines and characters that can add whole new layers to the original game.

Mods for FPS games are more common (just look at the amount of mods on the Half Life/Half Life 2 scene), but mods for RPGs aren’t really something I expected.

And on a slight ego-trip, I found the following comment on the mod forums under the Tyris Flare thread.
“plus, the voiceacting is amazing. . . my compliments to whomever you found for this, she’s incredible =)”

I thank you.


If you still play BG/BG2/NWN/Icewind Dale and want to check out some mods, here’s a shameless plug for the Gibberlings 3 mod community.


~ by Tegan on August 16, 2010.

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  1. I am greatly amused 😉

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