The House Always Wins – but Fallout: New Vegas might not

I preordered the collectors edition of Fallout: New Vegas. There was no question; to date I have invested near 50 hours in Fallout 3, and am nowhere near what I would call ‘completion’. New Vegas looked to be a fresh spin on what I loved so much; an open game world to traverse and pick up interesting things and quests along the way, as well as an underlying narrative that actually led somewhere.

I was up early Friday morning in order to get a train to Birmingham (where I had pre-ordered it. It slipped my mind that I would be living in Stafford on it’s release) and pick it up so I could get a couple hours of gameplay in before I had to go to work. With Fallout 3, the disc stayed in my 360 for over a month.

New Vegas has already been usurped by Halo: Reach at the invite to play multiplayer Firefight. And never have I cursed and back-chatted to a game so much in my life.

From my perspective, the game is flawed. Last night I leveled up to Level 5- twice. In the space of 5 minutes. I took down a Legion Mongrel from 50 paces in one shot from my trusted Weathered 10mm pistol; but it took four point-blank headshots to take down a Jackal gang member. I followed a trail up a hill to take down Geckos, and ended up booting from a previous save as I got stuck in the geometry. I must have crouched in the wrong place on another ridge, because my attempt to get a better firing stance against the five Radscorpions ended in me being unable to stand up.

All this from about 4 and a half hours of gameplay. Though discussions with my other New Vegas-owning friends suggest that it may just be my bad luck; two friends have reported no problems at all, and are further ahead in the game than I am.

Watch this space- I fear my foray into the weird world of the Mojave Wasteland is far from over.


~ by Tegan on October 25, 2010.

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