Rockin’ the Games Jam – Part 2

10 to 11 on Saturday night, and less than 17 hours to go. Once again, E6 has already lost a few good souls to their homes and beds for the night (and I assume F5 is more or less the same). The work goes on, the Spotify playlist has nearly doubled in length and the mood is still high.

Today has been the day of technical issues, it would seem; if engines will go wrong and textures fail to load, it has been TODAY that they decided to do it. Fingers crossed it doesn’t carry over to tomorrow when the pressure *really* starts to hit home.

Team 5 (my team) is hoping to have a full playable build ready by midnight- our two engine techs have worked like mad to get puzzles and a world built and confirmed as working, and are now attempting to get cel shading to work! The modellers have been modelling and unwrapping and texturing, and I have been flitting here and there with textures and audio and intro/outro comic sequences.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t all had time to chill out and have fun. Many games of Magic have been played, even a few games of Yu-Gi-Oh, and even now I can see someone running around as a Demoman on TF2.

Time to go back to either Photoshop or Audacity; asteroids or button presses?


~ by Tegan on January 29, 2011.

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