Rockin’ the Games Jam -part 3 – Excerpts from Insanity

The final countdown is upon us (and yes, Europe have already been on the Spotify playlist). In about 20 minutes ‘tools down’ will be declared.

So here are some of my own favourite highlights- though there are some I missed in my 9 hours of sleep since 7am Saturday morning.

* Our group started well- while trying to move a whiteboard, Helen found out it was more broken than she thought and hit Elliot (one of our modellers) on the head with the top bar. He ended up with a cut on his forehead, BUT an ingenious in-joke was born. Our game level now has hints for the players written on whiteboards.

* ‘Spethal Featureth’ – An hour or so ago I kidnapped Helen to record the voice over for our intro sequence. My script was hastily written but passable; but didn’t stop Helen lisping ‘special features’ on one take, which made us both collapse into giggles in our sleep-deprived state. We are still giggling about it from time to time.

* Watching Scott Pilgrim on the E6 projector – As awesome as it sounds. We had subtitles one and our own commentary was provided by the sharing of random related facts and trivia. Did YOU recognise that the Katayanagi twins’ dragons are strongly based on the Mortal Kombat dragon logo?

* Walking around uni with no shoes on – It’s just not something that is normally done. Games Jam has taken over the engineering block, so slippers or no shoes have become the norm for the weekend. As have dressing gowns over normal clothes.

* Sleeping in a games lab – NOT something you expect to do outside of a very boring lecture. But curling up on the floor of a film lab (as it was on Saturday morning) or on a crash mat in the Motion Capture Studio (as it was at 2pm yesterday and 6am this morning) is nothing short of standard this weekend. Sleeping bag FTW.

* Giant Spotify playlist – open to additions, the music is random and eclectic. We’ve had 80’s rock, modern tunes, geeky favourites- you name it, it’s probably been on there. Including most of the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.

* Pure randomness – Everyone talks to everyone. We are all comrades in arms during Games Jam, even if you have never met the person before and may never see them again. Names are not necessary, just the friendly banter and the ability to laugh.

For a more balanced overview of the insanity that has been Staffs Uni Games Academy’s participation in Global Games Jam 2011, take a look over here. There are photos on Flickr too (watch out for a strange short girl in a red and black check shirt…)


~ by Tegan on January 30, 2011.

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