The Great Art Debate

This is a topic I am looking forward to discussing in my Ludology module in the near future- can games be classed as art?

My personal opinion is yes, they can. And not just art in the sense of super high-poly character models with their immense levels of detail, or the beautifully rendered scenery of games like Uncharted 2. Sometimes I see a character move in a certain way and admire how beautifully natural and right it looked; there are some physics elements in games where I have triggered an event and watched amazed as something was demolished in one fluid move. To me, admiring things in this way is no different to admiring the graceful moves of a talented dancer, or seeing the attention to detail paid to a lifelike statue.

But anyway. Kotaku informs me that the Smithsonian Art Museum is going to be running a display of video game art in March 2012; and is asking the general public to vote on what art they want to see in the exhibition. It plans to take in over 40 years of gaming work, with 240 games on the shortlist for the public to vote for. The top 80 will make it into the exhibtion to run from March to September of next year.

If I could get to Washington, I would love to pay a visit to this exhibition just to see what makes it and what doesn’t. Game art has changed so much over the decades; art styles coming in and out of fashion, boundaries being expanded thanks to massive improvements in graphics and processing technology, even the changes to society is a whole are reflected in the visual media that has been produced.

I will probably revisit this area after we’ve discussed it in Ludology. I enjoy sharing opinions and thoughts on the gaming world, and debates are usually full of interesting schemes of thought.


~ by Tegan on February 14, 2011.

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