Direct from the Feeds

Over 1000 posts have stacked up in my RSS reader over the past week and a half- with a spare hour to kill I decided to scroll through them.

For your reading pleasure, here are the ones that caught my eye (there are still over 980 left for me to go through…)

#1 – Activision working on Dance Hero
Both Edge and MCV informed me that the title that was trademarked back in 2008 is finally a work in progress. Having shut down the Guitar Hero team and taking DJ Hero out with it, it seems Activision are still not done with the rhythm-action genre.
In many respects it seems to be a good move; the dance game genre is now hugely popular, thanks to Harmonix’s Dance Central for the Kinect and the Just Dance series for the Wii (Sidenote- Just Dance 2, which I got to try out at Eurogamer Expo last autumn, recently passed 1 million UK sales), and has an open market thanks to motion support from all three consoles.
Without the need to pay extra for peripherals, Activision may just have something there. But they have stiff competition- I can forsee another battle like the Guitar Hero/Rock Band divide.

#2 – ‘Gaming causes lack of sleep’
Another one from MCV that made me go “well duh”. The article itself puts it down to technology in general, not just games in specific, but still. People play games as a way of winding down from the day, and use technology to keep in touch. The last thing I do before I go to bed is check my email in case any news has cropped up that I need to deal with. Using technology requires mental focus (to a certain degree), and playing games often fires up the brain rather than help it quieten down.
The brain needs to slow down in order to sleep well- so a brain focused on reading emails or getting past to a new checkpoint on a game probably won’t be in slow-down mode. So yes- using technology causes lack of sleep. Because to use technology you need to be awake.

#3 – Volition promises surprises in Saints Row 3
A personal choice on this one, as I enjoyed Saints Row 2 a lot. With a release now set for ‘around Christmas’, Volition were enthusing while not giving much away. ‘Surprises’, eh? With guns and gangs, anything is really possible.

#4 – UK Xbox gamers are pretty big spenders
Some new statistics from Microsoft in the 25-34 year old category show that they must be doing something right. An average of seven different games played a month is not too shabby either. I’d be interested to see the same survey run on different age groups- the results would obviously be wildly different, but I’d like to see just how different they’d be. School-age gamers and students lack the funds to fuel their gaming needs (except if they rely on the bank of mum and dad/student loan) but would probably be able to put in far more time to their gaming.

#5 – Dara O’Briain, ambassador for gaming
I was recently shown a clip of O’Briain on Comedy Roadshow talking about gaming and Metal Gear Solid. I laughed, because what he said was so true and so much like how my mind works in similar situations. Now it seems he’s even more of a fan of gaming than I thought, as he talked out about ‘depressing’ media coverage about the games industry and gaming in an interview with CVG.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


~ by Tegan on March 9, 2011.

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