E3 ’11 in review: Sony

Ironically, I missed the Sony press conference as I was getting ready for an early morning train journey to do some voice work for a Sony game. Out of all the current-gen consoles, the only one I don’t own is PlayStation 3. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I can’t justify spending the money on one (until recently I was a poor student, you remember) when there aren’t that many PS3-exclusive titles that I really want to play.

And trust Sony to be the one to showcase 3D at E3.
I honestly say ‘bravo’ for getting to the point and attempting to make light of the situation. I think he made a good move by addressing each section of the gaming community individually and thanking them despite what happened- considering the scale of the ‘outage’, some serious apologies needed to be made. Congratulations Sony, you started off right.

Uncharted 3
Straight off, all the pretty visuals I’ve come to expect from an Uncharted game. Naughty Dog have always said they like pushing the PS3 to its limits, and Drake’s Deception looked every bit as graphically beautiful as it could be. I was impressed at the physics effects caused by the pitching and rolling of the cruise ship (especially on the chandeliers), giving that extra push of realism as Drake stumbles and slides around the deck. The Titanic-esque sinking sequences look interesting to deal with, what with the envrionment suddenly being sideways and all, and if the rest of the game offers more such situations that require quick-thinking and strategy, this will be every bit as good as Among Thieves
The storyline intrigues me too.

Resistance 3
I will admit, everything about the Resistance gameplay reminds me of the Halo series. Not necessarily a bad thing- I like the gameplay in Halo. Resistance looks like a good, fast-paced adrenaline-fueled shooter. I can’t really say much else- a shooter is a shooter, as some might say.

3D Remasterings/PS TV
I don’t think it was much of a secret that Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were being updated for the current generation, but the 3D treatment should do well for them. Remastering the PSP God of War games seems interesting; yes, it’s a popular series, but is the 3D uptake of gamers really moving as much as Sony think? Maybe in the US, but I believe the uptake is still fairly slow over here in the UK.

The PlayStation TV- 24″ HD/3D television that allows different full-screen views for each player in a multiplayer game? Now that is interesting. The full package seems decent value for 3D, though the individual price of the 3D glasses still seems a bit steep.

NBA 2k12
I have always had a few hang-ups about the PlayStation Move; and it came about again with 2K’s new basketball title. Being able to quickly select players using the Move controller is great- you’re basically pointing at them and saying “Hey, you, do this”. But it still seems a little off to have to press the right button to get them to do what you want when you want. When you’re holding a controller, sure you’re sitting down- but I’ve seen a lot of people dodging and leaning side to side along with the action. Harder to do with a Move, as you might end up missing your target.

Medieval Moves: Dead Man’s Quest
This is the first game I’ve seen that makes fantastic use of the Move controller. Switching between sword, bow and throwing stars depending on your gestures and movements should be pretty intuitive, and the puzzle element adds variety and interest to the hacking and slashing. There seem to be a lot of hidden secrets to uncover too, giving it a decent replay factor. The fact that speed, strength and ranged attacks are all there means that each player can play how THEY want- if they favour up-close combat, they can melee their way through with the sword. I’d be keeping my distance with the bow and throwing out rapid stars when needed.
For me, this game has a lot of promise, and is probably one of the best uses of the Move yet.

inFamous 2
Elemental super-powers causing massive destruction? I like a bit of that. The promise of being able to make user-generated missions is always a plus, especially for big fans and competitive players of the game. Not sure how the Move will be used to create these missions, so some more research is needed.

A sci-fi Western. With mechs. That’s what it looked like to me, and a very pretty one.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Reminiscent of Conker and Ratcher & Clank, I reckon this will be popular with younger players and those of us who grew up with Sam & Max-style humour.

Dust 514
I had been wondering what was happening with CCP’s shooter title, and now I know. A ‘cross-platform experience’ between console-based (and PS3 exclusive) Dust and PC-only MMO EVE Online; next summer will be an interesting time. Dust itself looks brilliant, and CCP are cleverly pushing two products at once by utilising the same game-space (the EVE universe) for both titles.

Bioshock Infinite
Oh Ken Levine, you make me laugh.
Hey look, no water! And more very pretty visuals. Infinite looks like the story has a lot to give, as well as plenty of action. I can actually imagine the Move working well for things such as the skyline runs and for aiming the shots of weapons; but it was the mention of a Bioshock game on the ‘NGP’ (what is revealed about 10 minutes later to be the PS Vita) that piqued my interest the most.

PS Vita
AR experiences through dual cameras, twin touch screens, six-axis controls, dual analogue sticks- Sony have melded the PSP with a PS3 controller and part of a Nintendo 3DS. 3G and Wifi too, for full on-the-go gaming. But not just gaming, the social elements look impressive too.
The Uncharted Vita demo showcased a lot of these features to excellent effect. I love the idea of being able to ‘paint’ a path for Drake to follow along ledges, and even the six-axis comes in handy for making swinging jumps.

An action RPG on a handheld? Cool. Having other players (whether you know them or not) as your rival is a great social move, but the ability to save and mmediately move from the Vita to the PS3 is a definite ‘wow’ factor.

ModNation Racers
I love the dual touch screen use to edit the terrain, and the ability to just draw your own track then edit in jumps and banks is fantastic. Even manipulating the lighting is just so different. Massively editable and hugely fun, I think this will be a winner.

I recently bought a classic PSP (in white, as opposed to my old PSP Slim & Lite which was black) and a copy of LittleBigPlanet. I’m enjoying playing it- but the new one on the Vita looks amazing. Great and intuitive use of the touch screens and six-axis, as well as porting everything from LBP2‘s Create mode to make complex logic stuff.

Street Fighter X Tekken
Traditional fighting games have been having a bit of a renaissance recently, and this new crossover is likely to raise a cheer from those Tekken fans who may have been feeling left out of the party. Again, running it across both the PS3 and the PS Vita seems a smart move to get the most out of the game- practice the moves on-the-go, kick ass against your friends on the PS3.


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  1. Fantastic blog post and blog website.

    Thought it was a great read. It was definitely a right step with Sony apologising for PSN outages first before everything else.

    Keep the good work up. Will be reading more of your posts in future. šŸ˜€

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