The many woes of GAME

My Twitter feed has been full of stories about UK retail chain GAME and its recent financial troubles. The biggest story I’ve seen tweeted this morning was regarding EA titles and Mass Effect 3 both being pulled from pre-orders and sales (after the release of SSX on Friday).

The memo that got sent out to GAME and Gamestation staff this morning makes it clearer as to why this decision has been taken. It’s a huge blow (obviously), especially as Mass Effect 3 is likely to have brought in a huge revenue for the company. But obviously, if they’re unable to get the stock with their failing credit status, then it looks like things are only going to get rockier for the group.

They’ve already had to pull the GamePlay website and took another hard decision regarding PSVita titles from Ubisoft. Eurogamer provide an interesting insight into what could happen if the company does go under. The GAME group are far from out of the woods yet; and I have to say, at the moment it’s not looking good. The EA decision affects titles like FIFA Street and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, and may go on beyond March and could affect future releases such as The Secret World.

It’s one I’ll be keeping a close eye on.


~ by Tegan on February 29, 2012.

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