Becoming Defiant – Joining the MMO Experiment

Okay, the very title of this post contradicts something that I have mentioned on this blog before. I have never found an MMO that I enjoyed played for more than a couple of hours. They seem to be just not ‘my type’ of game.

But in the case of Defiance, I am willing to make a very big exception.

I wrote about this game back when I was a staff writer for RoboAwesomeDefiance has been in planning (and presumably development) since 2008- teasingly referred to as ‘One Earth’ at one point a few years ago, it has now landed and is up and running as we speak. It has always struck me as a bold experiment into how one form of media can impact another, with a huge list of potential risks and rewards. It will certainly be a unique experience.

The game in a nutshell- you play as an Ark Hunter, a survival-hunter whose primary goal is to scavenge treasures and technology from destroyed planetary arks. Oh, and stay alive. Staying alive is also good. You’ll be fighting aliens for the treasure too, so an array of weaponry and your EGO will help you survive and turn a tidy profit (hopefully). EGO doesn’t refer to your sense of self-importance in this case- it stands for Environmental Guardian Online, an alien AI implant that allows Ark Hunters to use abilities such as cloaking and overcharge. So a nice run-and-gun type, either to play lone wolf or with a clan.

I was lucky enough to nab a copy of this from my workplace (I happened to be at my desk with my e-mail program open when our MD sent a message out saying she had 3 codes going spare. I haven’t typed so fast in a long time!), and am now waiting the 15 agonising hours for it to patch. And I’ll have to do the same again when I get home. But there’s still so much you can do while you wait! There are over 150 Arkfall Codes scattered around resources all over the Internet- if you find them and input them into the My EGO section of the Defiance website, you can unlock extra in-game bonuses such as additional inventory slots, skill upgrades and weapons. I dutifully found and entered the 120 codes required to hit the max level with this, so I will have a nice stock of perks when I finally log in.

Expect to hear more of my Defiance adventures in the future- although I am treating this as much as an experiment into the synergy between a game and a TV show as I am enjoying it for the gaming experience.


~ by Tegan on April 9, 2013.

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